Triton Marine Construction Corp. has a rich history of successful projects. Our personnel have built hundreds of projects of varying types and sizes. Please feel free to search for projects we have listed.

Trestle 1A Pile Repairs
This waterfront project included corrosion control of 586 steel pipe piles by a combination of pile encapsulation from approx. El. -2 ft to +6 ft and ... View Project
Pier 4 Repairs
Work involved demolition and repair of more than five thousand square feet of both beam and overhead slab repairs throughout the pier. Slab repairs r ... View Project
Wharf and Pier Improvements
This project provided for design and construction of improvements to existing wharf and pier facilities used by the Naval Inactive Ships Maintenance O ... View Project
Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503
The project included the complete design, structural repair and corrosion protection of the Terminal 5 Berth 503 concrete wharf structure. The goal of ... View Project
Pier 15 Wharf Enhancements
The project consisted of new construction to accommodate new cranes as well as select concrete repairs due to reinforcing steel corrosion. Work was co ... View Project
Drydock #1 - Renovations
Key element of work included: • Dredging in front of drydock • Installation of temporary cofferdam • Removal of deteriorated concrete from ... View Project
Dry Dock #4 Repairs
This contract performed two objectives in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard's Dry dock No. 4. The first phase of the work restored the exterior seating sur ... View Project
Dry Dock #3 Repairs
The project consisted of rebuilding an existing dry dock. The rebuild included a complete new design for the dry dock. The project was separated into ... View Project
Brightwater Marine Outfall
This design-build project completed by Triton Marine for King County provides wastewater discharge of up to 170 MGD to Puget Sound. The project consi ... View Project
New London Security Gates 3 & 5
This design build project for the U.S. Navy consisted of the design and construction of security improvements to entrance Gate 3 and Gate 5 at the Nav ... View Project
McChord Air Field Projects
This design-build project awarded to the Triton Marine/Art Anderson Design-Build team under the Air Force Design-Build MACC program consists of multip ... View Project
Airfield Electrical Vault
Contract consisted of the construction of a 9,100 square foot reinforced CMU and reinforced concrete structure with Precast double tee roof. All gradi ... View Project
Port of Everett Bulkhead Replacement
This project involved replacement of existing bulkhead and esplanade. Major items of work included furnishing and installing a new 1,650 foot long ste ... View Project
Manchester Wastewater Treatment Plant
This project was to renovate and upgrade an existing Wastewater Treatment Facility for South Kitsap County. The work consisted of extensive site work, ... View Project
Salt Pond Restoration
This design-build project was performed at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge by Triton Marine as prime contractor with Cascad ... View Project
Harbor Operations and Small Craft Berth
This Design-Build project involved the design and construction of a new harbor and operations building for berthing of tugs and small watercraft for N ... View Project
Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility
This project provided for a new Gas Turbine Engine Test Cells Facility, which was a Base Realignment and Closure project transfer from Kelly Air Force ... View Project
Maintain and Repair JP-8 Fuel System
This Triton project completed in July of 2004 was difficult in nature due to its remote location at the far west end of the Aleutian Island Chain and ... View Project
Port of Edmonds Outfall
The project involved removal and replacement of 224 ft of existing 36 inch diameter storm water outfall pipe. The pipe was buried in the tidal area of ... View Project
Fort Sumter Pier
Phase 1 involved the construction of a substantial land-side and waterside containment system to prevent the offsite migration of contaminants, establ ... View Project
Major MACC Casting Pit
This very demanding waterfront project for the navy consisted of the complete demolition/renovation of existing casting pits, installation of new pits ... View Project
North Bay Case Inlet Water Reclamation Facility
This remote project completed in 2001 was awarded in March 2000 and consists of Construction of a 0.304 million gallon per day water Class A reclamati ... View Project
Bravo Wharf, Lima Piers and Small Craft Berthing Pier
This contract included demolition, repair work and new construction repairs to Bravo wharf, repairs to Lima pier and construction of a small craft ber ... View Project
Environmental Test Facility
The project for EFA Northwest consisted of two large metal skinned buildings totaling over 100,000 Sq. Ft. The buildings were specially designed, one ... View Project
North Bay Case Inlet Sewer Collection System
This recently completed project consisted of approximately 80,000 LF of HDPE Force mains in various sizes from 2 to 12 inches, including valves and re ... View Project
Repair Dry Dock Cofferdam Sheet Piles
This project consisted of the removal of Delta Pier's dry dock's old failing sheet pile barrier and replacing it with a new protective concrete facing ... View Project
Repair and Rehabilitation of Four Bridges- Kennedy Space Center
Repair and rehabilitation of the Banana River Bridge, Haulover Canal Bridge, Jay Jay Railroad Bridge and Indian River Bridges. Scope of work included, ... View Project
Replace Red Hill Tunnel Train Tracks & Drainage System
The Red Hill facility is unique in that the 20 vertical cylindrical tanks, each measuring 77 m (250 feet) tall by 30 m (100 feet) in diameter, are hol ... View Project