Drydock #1 - Renovations

Project Name: Drydock #1 - Renovations
Location: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME
Contract Number: N40085-11-C-7221
Key element of work included: • Dredging in front of drydock • Installation of temporary cofferdam • Removal of deteriorated concrete from all drydock surfaces using mechanical and hydro-demolition techniques – 78,000 SF – 3,800 TNS of concrete removed • New cast in place concrete for all wall and floor surfaces - 2,200 CY • Extend drydock length and install new caisson seat • New electrical test power facility • New electrical load center • Replace utility lines in service galleries • Refurbish two drydock dewatering pumps • New fender system • High pressure compressed air piping • HVAC replacement for pumpwell • New capstans and mooring devices • New handrails, stairwells, drydock drainage structures & misc. metals