North Bay Case Inlet Water Reclamation Facility

Project Name: North Bay Case Inlet Water Reclamation Facility
Location: Allyn, Washington
Contract Number: n/a
This remote project completed in 2001 was awarded in March 2000 and consists of Construction of a 0.304 million gallon per day water Class A reclamation facility consisting of a head-works structure, odor control facilities, two (2) sequencing batch reactors, equalization pump station, a mixing / flocculation unit, two (2) effluent filters, Ultra-Violet disinfection, a plant drain pump station, bypass and wet weather storage ponds, an effluent spray-field pump station, a spray application area covering three (3) zones over approximately 20 acres, an Operations Building, an Equipment Building, Sludge handling equipment, and site improvements together with all piping, valves, appurtenances and electrical work required for a complete and operating system. This project was started in March 2000 in conjunction with the North Bay Case Inlet Sewer Collection Project. Triton managed both jobs simultaneously with separate project managers under a single construction manager.