Dry Dock #3 Repairs

Project Name: Dry Dock #3 Repairs
Location: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington
Contract Number: N44255-94-C-7433
The project consisted of rebuilding an existing dry dock. The rebuild included a complete new design for the dry dock. The project was separated into two phases, North and South ends. The South end, which was the entrance end, had to finished and ready to receive ships under Phase I. The original schedule was very aggressive and further hampered by the Navy's delay in turning over the dry dock for construction. The availability date of the dry dock slipped by over two months and yet the completion date remained the same. Triton worked closely with the Navy, and through overtime, additional personnel, and equipment, were able to complete Phase I by the original scheduled date. The remainder of the project was then completed ahead of the final contract completion date. The work consisted of demolition, concrete repairs, pre-cast concrete panels, rail work, utilities, asphalt paving, excavation and disposal of contaminated materials and other related work. The Shipyard delayed the availability of the Dry Dock, which in turn delayed commencement of work. The first milestone, which was to make the South End of the Dry Dock operational, did not slide accordingly. This caused the need to accelerate and work additional overtime. The milestone date was met and the Navy enjoyed use of the South End of the Dry Dock three months earlier than anticipated with the delay in availability. Triton moved forward with the order to accelerate in good faith and the Navy responded with a Contract Increase to compensate Triton for the extra cost. Numerous changes were requested by the user and were incorporated into the project by Change Orders. Some of these were quantity over runs and others were simply additional work requested by the user.