Pier 4 Repairs

Project Name: Pier 4 Repairs
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Contract Number: DTCG 86-03-C-633108
Work involved demolition and repair of more than five thousand square feet of both beam and overhead slab repairs throughout the pier. Slab repairs required overhead demolition of delaminating/spalled concrete and then installation of a new epoxy coated reinforcing steel mat. Slab repairs were completed by placing an additional 7 inches of concrete under the existing slab profile using above deck pumping methods. Demolition of beam repairs was followed by welding new reinforcing and then installation of welded wire fabric cage. Beams were then formed and concrete placed by pumping from under the pier deck. Work also included replacing the existing timber fender system with a innovative plastic and wood system and re-installation of existing dock hardware. New electrical lighting system including pole and foundation was installed to better illuminate the pier deck. Coatings were also applied to both the topside deck for slab repairs and the underside beam repairs to further protect the new work from harsh salt-water environment.