Bravo Wharf, Lima Piers and Small Craft Berthing Pier

Project Name: Bravo Wharf, Lima Piers and Small Craft Berthing Pier
Location: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Contract Number: N62470-88-C-8265
This contract included demolition, repair work and new construction repairs to Bravo wharf, repairs to Lima pier and construction of a small craft berthing pier. Relative to the Pensacola Pier this project contained many of the same work elements. The Bravo wharf repairs included: Demolition, new sheet pile installation, tiebacks through an existing deteriorated sheet pile wall, concrete capping, and other concrete structural repairs. Repairs to Lima Pier included demolition, rehabilitation of waterfront concrete structures, environmental protection controls, water blasting/cleaning, removal of deteriorated concrete on vertical surfaces, concrete patching, underwater welding, underwater steel refurbishment, concrete spall repair, rebar repairs, concrete repairs, additional work included; pile jacketing repairs, fender systems, utility work. The small craft berthing pier included pile driving, dock building, Building construction, utilities and fender system. The work was accomplished in coordination with unscheduled ship movements. The project was disrupted by the Haiti boat crisis and the unscheduled influx of thousands of Haitian refugees. Although no formal partnering arrangement was in place, Triton worked closely with the Navy to accommodate additional ship movements and security measures without time or cost impacts.