Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503

Project Name: Port of Portland Terminal 5, Berth 503
Location: Portland, Oregon
Contract Number: n/a
The project included the complete design, structural repair and corrosion protection of the Terminal 5 Berth 503 concrete wharf structure. The goal of the project was to extend the useful life of the wharf structure for a minimum of 30 years. The project was completed in two phases. Phase 1 consisted of additional inspections and testing (beyond those completed and reported in a preliminary investigation), structural design, structural detailing, estimating, analysis, planning, scheduling, subcontract preparation, and planned procurements required to create a Phase 2 negotiated construction contract with no more than 20 percent total contingency. Phase 2 consisted of the structural repairs and corrosion protection work which included installation of a suspended work platform on the underside of the entire pier, an 830' long x 50' wide concrete pile supported structure. Working closely with Moffat & Nichol as our design partners, Triton removed all deteriorated concrete and employed the services of Vector Corrosion Technologies to provide the cathodic protection needed on the existing reinforcing before forming and pouring the new concrete. Work included the complete repairs of the conveyor system and it's support structure which had also seen concrete deterioration due to corrosion.