Replace Red Hill Tunnel Train Tracks & Drainage System

Project Name: Replace Red Hill Tunnel Train Tracks & Drainage System
Location: Red Hills, Hawaii
Contract Number: N62478-07-C-1400
The Red Hill facility is unique in that the 20 vertical cylindrical tanks, each measuring 77 m (250 feet) tall by 30 m (100 feet) in diameter, are hollowed out of volcanic rock, 30 m (100 feet) under a ridge within Honolulu, Hawaii. Red Hill construction occurred from 1940 through 1943, continuing at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The facility is connected by pipes and tunnels to navy piers and other shore facilities more than 4 kilometers away. Although constructed by a labor force of approximately 3,000 workers, the existence of the facility remained secret from the public until many years after the end of World War II. Red Hill was designated a historic civil engineering landmark by American Society of Civil Engineers. The work performed consisted of the removal and replacement of 5,400 LF of existing train rails. Deteriorated concrete beneath the existing train tracks was removed and replaced before installing new tracks. As part of the contract, the drainage system for the tunnels was upgraded as well.