McChord Air Field Projects

Project Name: McChord Air Field Projects
Location: McChord Air Force Base, Washington
Contract Number: F45603-03-D-0020 5001
This design-build project awarded to the Triton Marine/Art Anderson Design-Build team under the Air Force Design-Build MACC program consists of multiples phases of work with a very critical schedule. Work included: -Reconfiguring the entire runway and taxiway lighting system to be in compliance with applicable UFC standards, to include: Spacing of the lights, interleaving of the lights, upgrades to the controls in the control tower and upgrading to the lighting vault. -80,000 Square Feet (SF) of concrete slab replacement and 100,000 SF of PCC repair, more than 200,000 Square Yards (SY) of milling 2 inches of asphalt cement concrete, paving over 200,000 SY's of 2 inch ACC. Other work included: -Removing and relocation of three building structures that were considered navigational obstructions. -New emergency generators for emergency power of the emergency navigational runway lighting.