Salt Pond Restoration

Project Name: Salt Pond Restoration
Location: San Francisco, California
Contract Number: 101815D726
This design-build project was performed at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge by Triton Marine as prime contractor with Cascade Design and Art Anderson performing the design work. The project involves the restoration of pond areas previously used for salt production resulting in managed ponds for migratory water bird foraging and nesting and recreational wildlife viewing. Major work elements include: 1) inlet and outlet water control structures consisting of parallel 48-inch diameter HDPE pipes (5 for inlet and 6 for outlet) with flap gates that allow tidal flow from San Francisco Bay into and out of the managed ponds; 2) 30 earthen islands, half linear in shape and half circular in shape, that are constructed with bay mud and will ultimately provide nesting habitat; 3) raising and rehabilitation of the existing perimeter levee along the Bay; 4) new interior levees/berms to provide for multiple pond cells; 5) multiple weir structures to control pond water levels; 6) ditches and canals to provide for efficient water management and flow; 7) two 1700-square foot steel publicly accessible viewing platforms supported on helical anchors driven deep into the bay mud; and 8) ancillary facilities such as ABA walkways, chemical toilets, kiosks, signage, seating, and other access facilities.