Brightwater Marine Outfall

Project Name: Brightwater Marine Outfall
Location: Pt. Wells, Washington
Contract Number: MS BWO-NR-0100
This design-build project completed by Triton Marine for King County provides wastewater discharge of up to 170 MGD to Puget Sound. The project consisted of approximately 400 LF of 84 inch diameter steel pipe and 5000 LF of twin 63 inch diameter HDPE pipes (DR 21 and 26) each with a 250-foot long diffuser. The pipelines were buried in the near shore area out to -80 feet MLLW and laid on the sea bottom from there to the final terminus at a depth of 600 feet. Approximately 600 LF of the near shore trench was shored using steel sheet pile to minimize the impact area footprint. A nearly 300-foot long work trestle was constructed alongside the near shore trench area to facilitate sheet pile installation, digging, pipe installation, and backfill. The work trestle was constructed of two lines of 24 inch steel pipe piles at 30 foot centers connected with steel wide flanged beams and decked with 22 foot long crane mats.